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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  November 10, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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men at his home in venezuela last night. an orange suv linked to the kidnapping found today. they say it was stolen early wednesday morning and set on fire before it was abandoned. this, today, from the venezuela minister of justice, a team of high level specialists have been appointed to catch those responsible for this terrible crime. how much danger is wilson ramos in? >> probably a lot. we don't know, the kidnappers are all different. there's so many of them. i'm sure the government is going to do their utmost to get him back. this is a public relations disaster for them. >> reporter: that's dr. eric langer. he's all too familiar with kidnappings in venezuela.
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his wife is from there. >> reporter: these kidnappings are so frequent there. >> yes, they are. there are 250 to 300 in one state where my wife is from, which is the western most state, one of the most populous ones. they happen all the time. >> reporter: they talked about the incident today at the state department. >> he is not a u.s. citizen. he's a green card holder. it's of great concern to us. we did cite in our country specific information the dangers of kidnapping and violent crime in venezuela. we condemn these kinds of violent acts. >> he's 24 years old. he played for the nationals last year. he was in venezuela to play winter ball. the statement today, from the nationals -- our foremost concern is with wilson ramos and his family and our thoughts are with them at this time.
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both major league baseball and the washington nationals have been instructed to make no further comment. so, in the world of baseball today, all eyes on venezuela all thoughts with wilson ramos. back to you. >> pat collins live at nationals park. thank you. wendy? the white house says president obama's thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the children from penn state. they are refusing to talk about the firing of head coach, joe paterno. it sparked rioting by thousands of penn state students. if the abuse allegations prove to be true, what happened is outrageous. chris gordon is live at university park with the latest. >> reporter: this is the stadium. behind me there is a tradition. 82 tents. it's a tent city that springs up before every home game. you will see it behind me,
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students living in the cold, eating here, going to class and what are they waiting for, a front row seat. that's how important penn state football is to them. it's why they reacted last night when they received news that their coach, joe paterno, had been fired. they were angry. they were frustrated. they took to the streets of state college, pennsylvania. they pushed over a van from a local tv station out of pennsylvania. they broke windows of cars. they threw stones and bottles and broke glass. it was a melee. it was a reaction because they didn't know what to do they said. today, their thoughts are beginning to turn not only to joe paterno and his firing but also to the victims of child sex abuse as they get ready for this saturday's game here at penn
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state against nebraska. they are going to have what they call a blue-on-blue for the color to raise awareness about child sex abuse. we talked to some of the students here at paternoville tonight. >> it makes me upset that he was fired over the phone. >> reporter: what about the children? >> absolutely. we have to keep them in mind. it was a heinous act. you know, we put them first before any of this. >> do you see anymore outbreaks or violence? >> i don't. i think the student body will be able to focus and calm down. there's a lot of frustration. people are saddened. it's a tough time. you don't know how to handle it. it will be calm for the rest of the week. saturday, people will be in the stadium. >> cutting a bunch of ribbon and safety pinning it to them. the ribbon is just the blue ribbon is for child abuse.
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>> reporter: a blue out here at penn state. beavers stadium this saturday to raise awareness about child sex abuse and they plan to have a candle light vigil on campus tomorrow night. we'll cover it all and bring it to you live from state college, pennsylvania. that's the latest for now, see you at 6:00. >> a lot of emotion there. thank you, chris gordon. >> the coverage continues with dan hellie. he's been monitoring the reaction from the sports community. dan? >> penn state and the football program thrown into turmoil after the investigation. joe paterno will not be coaching on saturday. the team will be led by defensive coordinator, tom bradley, named the interim head coach last night. he's spoken to paterno but wouldn't give any information. he had praise for the head coach. >> i take this job with mixed
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emotions due to the situation. coach paterno meant more to me than anybody except my father. many of you know him as a great football coach. i had the privilege and honor to work for him, spend time with him and he's had such a dynamic impact on so many, so many, i'll say it again, so many people and players in life. with great respect i speak of him. i'm proud to say that i work for him. >> redskins running back went to high school westfield in chantilly before attending penn state. he became the all-time leading rusher. he took to twitter to share his thoughts. i have been getting a lot of angry tweets saying no one is paying enough attention to the victims in this, the kids. i agree but i don't think just
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because the current and former players aren't thinking about them doesn't mean we are not sorry for them and praying for them and their families. we are still shocked by this thing. we, like anyone else never thought something like this could happen. joe was a very influential person in our lives. it's distracted us from who the true victims are. that's the running back for the washington redskins. jim? >> all right. going to be interesting to see saturday at noon when they take on nebraska at home. see you later on in the hour. stay with news 4 for continuing coverage and developments at penn state. we'll have a live report from university park. you can get the latest information from let's change over to the weather, which is changing quite a bit out there. >> do we have to? after a few nice days, they are behind us.
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good day to keep it indoors. >> if you are thinking of heading outside, have the jackets, if not the coats. have the umbrellas, too. let's show you what's happening out there now. current temperature in the 40s. 48 degrees. we have light rain to moderate rain around the d.c. area. wind at 9 miles an hour. current temperatures 45 in gaithersburg. 46 in manassas. spotsylvania around the 46 degrees mark. doppler radar is showing where the rain is now along the i-95 corridor from baltimore to washington, waldorf, 301, buoy and kroftton all seeing the rain continuing to make its way through here. we are going to see more rain throughout the evening to the east of washington. then, another change comes in. i'll show you what that change is going to bring to our veterans day. that is coming up in a couple minutes in the full forecast. >> thank you, doug. a man convicted of killing a
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teenager over tattoo ink will spend the rest of his life in jail. that shooting happened in may of last year. prosecutors say the 21-year-old shot and killed a 17-year-old after getting into an argument. they say today's sentence of life without parole sends a clear message. >> inexplicable and won't be tolerated. he will spend the rest of his natural life in jail for this offense. this innocent woman who lost her life, just 17. this 21-year-old man who like wise lost his life. >> prosecutors say his twin brother who was arrested helped get the guilty verdict and will not face any charges. after years of neglect and obscurity and a $4 million makeover, a unique memorial to world war i was rededicated today. the monument to citizens killed
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in the great war celebrates its 80th birthday tomorrow, veterans day. >> people know about vietnam, world war ii and korean war memorials. this one is being rediscovered. ♪ >> as the high school band played military music, the 1931 war memorial to d.c. citizens killed in world war i is being rededicated. for decades, they have seen the memorial lying in disrepair. almost unnoticed by other war memorials that came later. world war ii, vietnam and korean war memorials. >> never should have fallen into disrepair. let's celebrate the fact it's been restored. >> reporter: they hope to restore it with concerts, rallies and other events for the
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600,000 citizens. >> this is the only memorial put on the national mall by the local citizens of the district of columbia who served in every war. at the time it was built, the citizens didn't have equal rights. they don't have voting rights. today, it's restored and they still don't have the rights. >> reporter: thursday was a day to honor the names of men and women inscribed on the walls first erected 80 years ago friday. not segregated by race or gender. >> so many times people drive by and jog by and don't know this is here. >> reporter: the restored memorial done before $1 million in federal funds is expected to bring more tourists. others visiting the mall and the martin luther king memorial. in case you are interested, before it was restored, it's been a great place to take
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wedding pictures. back to you guys. >> thanks a lot. it's a beauty. we are following breaking news out of virginia. republicans officially won control of the entire state government now. democrats have conceded the race for the 17th state senate district. republican reed beat out hawk. less than a percentage separated them. still ahead, that moment at last night's gop debate. it took the attention off herman cain. >> i can't -- i can't. sorry. oops. >> rick perry speaking out today about that brain freeze and what it will mean for his campaign. >> can't get it back. an emotional day in court for a man police say left the scene of a crash that killed three friends. >> reporter: fallout on capitol
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on this eve of veterans day,
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there's more fall out about mishandled remains of america's war dead. today, there are calls for an investigation into how the cremated body parts of fallen service members wound up in a landfill in king george, virginia. we have more reaction today. >> reporter: there was a hearing on this matter. some military defended the actions taken against those deemed responsible. they deemed there were no rules broken. the secretary of defense weighed in and he wants a deeper look of what happened and what's happening going forward. it went one between 2003 and 2008. some are fallen servicemen and women. they were disposed of in a landfill. officials say the practice involved severed limbs and the
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families were asked if the remains could be disposed of. they were cremated, reduced to ashes. the disposal has been seen as inappropriate. >> the damage is done. it's a type of damage that how do you repair that to the families and loved ones of those that made the supreme sacrifice. >> reporter: often amputated limbs are disposed of the same way. considering the way this nation treats the war dead, this is seen as dishonorable. >> we have to be fully accountable in how we treat service members. >> reporter: a deeper investigation into what happened over the five-year span which is practice was carried out and what happens now at dover. >> none of us will be satisfied until we prove we have taken every step possible to protect the honor and dignity that their
5:18 pm
loved ones deserve. >> we intend, as the air force intends to get to the bottom of it and ensure that we continue to improve processes. >> reporter: disciplinary action was taken against those involved. defense secretary called for a review there, too. the commander of the vfw says the problems of lost remains are in other conflicts. things have changed. >> if it comes back to one air base, dover, can't we get this thing running properly? >> reporter: this practice stopped in 2008. now, unwanted remains are cremated, placed in urns and put out to sea. >> thank you. >> the fall out continues this
5:19 pm
afternoon from a gaffe by perry. he was trying to name the three government agencies he would shut down to reduce the national debt. >> commerce, education and the, what's the third one. let's see, the education, the -- commerce and let's see -- >> oh, my. >> i can't. the third one i can't. sorry. oops. >> perry went into damage control the minute that debate was over. a campaign e-mail sent to reporters suggested the fact he forgot an agency means it shouldn't exist. they call the gaffe a simple mistake. >> it's not about who is the slickest debater or whether anyone made a mistake. we are all going to make mistakes. i stepped in it is what my wife would have said. she was correct. >> the texas governor insists he's not ready to give up the presidential bid and will have a
5:20 pm
chance to redeem himself during the next republican debate. >> it's known as a brain, um, brain, um, freeze. >> belches. >> we have all been there a time or two. >> it's a lot of pressure. >> we are not getting down to freezing point, but we are getting windchills tonight, right? >> i think the windchill is going to be freezing. some areas, down into the mid-20s tomorrow morning. >> really? >> it's a big difference considering we were at 68 degrees two days ago. you woke up and knew something was off, didn't you, wendy? >> yeah. that's the west river this morning. it's like, gee where is the street? where are the boats? where am i? >> you said there is a boat out there. >> there is a boat out there somewhere. >> extremely foggy conditions this morning.
5:21 pm
some areas down to an eighth mile visibility early this morning. it gave way to cloud cover. it gave way to rain and then came in the cooler temperatures. we reached the high of 58 earlier. the temperature dropped ten degrees in a couple hours on the northwesterly wind. seeing the wind at 9 miles per hour. current temperatures, 48 in martinsburg. 48 in leesburg. 46 in manassas and gaithersburg coming in at 45 degrees. rockville, you are sitting around 47 degrees. doppler radar showing i-95 to the east, that's where most of the rain is. a little rain to the west and montgomery county and howard county. the moderate showers coming through. we take a bit of a zoom in here. you can see what i'm talking ability. talking columbia and bethesda and the rain here. you are seeing rain around portions of that region toward silver springs and springfield.
5:22 pm
maryland, clinton, andrews air force base all seeing rain. most of it on the light side around waldorf, 301 into portions of st. marys and calvert county. you'll see the rain another hour or so. it's because of the frontal boundary. there's the front. here is the cooler air. look at the clouds making their way in. this is shower activity caused by cold air. that cold air is going to move in overnight. the front moves by. the rain moves out. we get chilly and windy. cold enough to see snow near the mountains in west virginia and maryland. now, as far as the temperatures go, over the next couple days, they are going to be on the cold side tomorrow. a high of 51 in the city. most areas stay in the 40s tomorrow. we'll see the potential for windchills tomorrow because we see winds upwards of 15 to 30 miles an hour tomorrow afternoon. still, windy on saturday with a high temperature of 59 after a cold start. sunday and monday looking better. we move back to the 60s.
5:23 pm
i think we'll see the winds staying around 20 to 25 miles per hour. we're moving into a quiet pattern. moving into a windy pattern or breezy pattern for a week or so. get used to it. >> we will. thank you, doug. >> this will take care of the bugs? >> not the big ones. the smaller ones, it will knock them out. >> okay. that's good news. still to come, the tainted food that sickened more than 100 people. virginia schools damaged in the earthquake are now getting some help. liz crenshaw gets big time help from 995s cane to find out
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health officials say salmonella chicken livers may have made people sick in maryland. a recall was issued. it's manufactured by schreiber in new york. they have an establishment number starting with a p 787. 169 people have become ill. the bulk of the cases in new york and new jersey. nine reported in maryland. >> we asked you to give and you did in a big way. give to the max day was a
5:27 pm
success. it raised money for hundreds of local charities. 18,000 people participated raising $2 million. thank you. thank you, thank you. >> this was all viral. the whole idea is for long term relationships to give each year. up next, we have a lot more to come. we are going to have the latest from the i team on an investigation on where medical marijuana factories may be setting up shop here in washington. i'm darcy spencer live in rockville where a man who was responsibility for a crash that killed three of his friends pleaded guilty today. prosecutors say what his blood alcohol level was three hours after the crash coming up. why you may b
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hello, everybody. welcome back, i'm meteorologist doug kammerer. watching the rain as it makes its way through the area. most areas seeing light rain. some areas of moderate rain in southern maryland in charles county and northern portions around st. marys county. we'll continue to see the rain move out. behind the system, much colder and very windy conditions. the updated forecast coming up in a few more minutes.
5:31 pm
>> thank you, doug. it was an emotional day in court. a young man pled guilty to a crash that took the lives of his three close friends. it happened in may. alcohol was a key factor. darcy spencer is live outside the courthouse in rockville. darcy? >> reporter: this is a copy of what was read in open court by prosecutors today with graphic testimony with the injuries they suffered. some were crying because of the graphic nature. they talked about the driver, kevin coffee. he was on the run for several hours. he never called 911. they told him his friends died, he said what? they were fine when i left. 20-year-old kevin coffee pleaded gill toy the vehicular manslaughter and one count of leaving the scene.
5:32 pm
he had been drinking alcohol before crashing his toyota corolla killing three of his friends and leaving the scene. he faces up to 40 years in prison. these are the brothers of one of the victims. >> he was a year older than me. we were together in the beginning and the end. >> this conveys the message that drunk-driving is very serious. i hope the sentence conveys that as well. >> reporter: prosecutors say he hit a utility pole. the victims were spencer and hailey, both 18, as well as a 19-year-old johnny hoover. coffee's blood alcohol was.16. that test was taken three hours after the crash. >> there's nothing they can give him, nothing that is going to be worse than what he's going
5:33 pm
through. i promise you. he could get all 40 years and it's not worse than what he lives with on a day-to-day basis. >> reporter: they attended two parties. coffee got behind the wheel even though friends told him not to. they should not have let the young people back on the road. >> don't allow them to drive. take their keys. call their parents. do something that might have made the outcome in this case different than the outcome we are dealing with here. >> reporter: kevin coffee was allowed to be released on bond pending his january sentencing. he's facing up to 40 years and the prosecuting attorney will seek a substantial amount of prison time for this. it's up to the judge to decide how much time he gets. darcy spencer, news 4. wendy, back to you. >> thank you. new tonight, emergency
5:34 pm
legislation to limit the number of medical marijuana growers in the district. councilmember harry thomas says too many are trying to open in ward five. he wants to put a moratorium on the number of centers allowed. we have more on the story. >> d.c. has strict zoning laws that limit where medical marijuana can grow. combine it with cheap rent and you have a brewing controversy in ward five. residents smoking mad. >> i didn't know they were coming. >> city leaders pounding the pavement. meeting getting heated. medical marijuana is taking root in the district and the news 4 i team is giving the first look where the pot will grow. we found 24 out of 28 applications for new cultivation centers are clustered in one
5:35 pm
northeast area. a-n-c-5-b. >> we are in the heart of the community where it's plagued for crime and drugs for many, many years. this is going to add to it. >> it's unfair so many are concentrated in neighborhoods like this in trinidad. >> who is going to want to move in next to a marijuana cultivation. >> he's going door-to-door letting residents like this know what could be moving in. >> how are they going to deal with security and people buying their medical marijuana and turning around and selling it. those questions need to be answered. >> he lives a few doors from one proposed sight. around the corner, seven more applications on fen wick street. >> we fought getting rid of prostitutes. >> they are concerned about the sight across the street from a gentleman's club.
5:36 pm
and this one on new york avenue where five applicants and 475 plants could share the building with two churches. >> we are going to fight it. we are going to fight it. >> reporter: he showed up at an a-n-c fight. >> we don't feel -- >> it's a public meeting, is it not? >> yeah, it is. >> they let us stay. >> we have having a meeting because a lot of areas -- >> tempers flaired as residents asked if it's a done deal. >> what do you say if they say it's a done deal? we have nothing to say? >> we will do the best to serve in your best interest and make sure your views are represented. >> a-n-c-5-b chair plans to hold public meetings before december as they make a decision of where
5:37 pm
they will set up shop. >> i don't believe it should be saturated. >> councilman thomas says he plans to limit the cultivation centers in particular wards next month. one of the possible marijuana growers talks about why he's trying to set up shop in ward five and why he thinks neighbors don't need to be worried. >> that should be interesting. you have a lot of passion there. >> people care. they care. >> all right. thanks. still to come on news 4 at 5:00, they are hanging around the washington monument, again. the repellers are back. the next step for the undertaking. a
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it's all in the wrist. they are warming up. the salvation army is kicking off the red kettle fund raising drive to break a world record for a longest period of time ringing a hand bell. >> salvation army major kurt started ringing just after midnight on wednesday outside the giant in bethesda and rang it for 36 hours continuously. it's a new world record. the kettles will pop upstarting tomorrow. they are hoping to raise $1.6
5:41 pm
million in the area this season. could cars be banned from wisconsin avenue? the idea was tossed around last night. according to a report, the suggestion was made as an offhand remark by a member of the neighborhood commission. but, several other members liked it, too. some suggested making it car free one sunday a month. no action was actually taken on the issue. stay tuned. >> that way we can roller blade down there and take a cab back up. >> i'll be shopping. >> still ahead -- >> i'm liz crenshaw. have an anxious dog? the thunder shirt says it will calm your dog almost instantly. does it do that? find out, coming up. in sports, a
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i have been waiting all day for this story. does your dog hide during thunderstorms? bark like crazy when people come over? >> i hope mine is watching now. >> dog or cat. >> an anxious dog can be annoying but one company says they have the answer. it's called the thunder shirt. liz crenshaw is here to ask, does it really do that? >> jim and wendy, anxious barking dogs can be loud and exhausting. it can help calm your dog almost instantly. one local radio personality told
5:45 pm
us he has the perfect pet candidate to try it out. >> if your dog suffers from anxiety from thunderstorms, vacuums or owner separation, uncontrollable barking at visitors, this is the answer. >> we have, you know, two young kids in the house. a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old. nap time, fedex guy, that's it. >> reporter: when he's not at the studio, he's home with his wife and two girls and his dog, parker. >> his overall ability to fly off the handle. it takes a noise and he's scared. a knock on the door, he's done. >> reporter: we brought it to his home. it cost us $52 with shipping. >> the unique design helps to calm your dog almost instantly.
5:46 pm
>> but -- >> does it really do that? >> now you have done it. >> reporter: what does that mean? >> you made him mad. >> that was mad. sounds like he was singing to you. there was no thunderstorm the day we visited, he showed other scenarios that make the dog crazy. besides a knock at the door, this beeping sound surge protectors make when the electricity goes oumakes parker nervous. >> you can feel the trembling. >> then there are animals on tv. we have to turn shows off because he goes nuts. he goes bananas. >> reporter: it's time to try the thunder shirt. >> i'm supposed to make it tight enough so it's like a hug. >> reporter: we let him get used to it for five to ten minutes. then time to ring the doorbell.
5:47 pm
>> is that normal? >> reduced. >> reporter: the surge protector beep. >> wow. he's not as anxious about it. >> reporter: animals on tv. >> hey, what's that? shut up. >> reporter: some dogs will exhibit reduced symptoms of anxiety with the first use. others may require three or four tries before they appear calm. the thunder shirt, does it really do that? >> yes, i would say yo. >> yo is? >> yes and no. it comforts the dog to a level where normal things wouldn't excite him or her. it's a dog. i think there are some thing that is dogs do. >> for $52 would you buy it? >> right now, possibly. >> huh? >> does it work on humans?
5:48 pm
>> people say is it too tight and restricting the dog? the idea is it makes him feel comfortable like somebody is hugging them. >> especially when the cat came on. >> very calm and barked at the door once and backed off. >> piece of mind for the owner, too. interesting. we like it. let's get a check with doug. big changes. it is cold. >> does it come in small dog size. >> really small. >> i have a maltese i could put two of those on. it barks like nobody's business. 48 degrees. >> put one over his mouth. >> that's a muzzle. >> you can't do that, wendy. now i'm laughing. 48 degrees the current temperature. the wind is out of the northwest at 9 miles an hour. cooler and we have shower activity out there. take a look at the storm.
5:49 pm
we have a front around our area. the main storm by the ohio river valley. storms located there. snow to the west. some of it could be close to our area. the rain in our area in southern portions of maryland. the next couple days, we are going to see -- that's not the one i want. we'll talk more about it coming up later on. you have to see it. the extended outlook, hmmm, it's interesting. >> all right. well, it is november. all right. let's check in with dan now. >> rewinding to the dolphins. >> i don't think there's a better one than this. find the redskins franchise in the '80s, the fourth down touchdown run by who else? john riggins. led to the first super bowl win in 1983. tonight, we rewind to the
5:50 pm
memorable redskins dolphins match up in super bowl xvii. january 30th, 1983. the birth of a dynasty. the rose bowl hosted chief z and the skins. the first quarter was all about the fins. second play of the second possession looks right. finds jimmy who cuts back inside and he is gone. 76 yards on the play. a quick 7-0 miami lead. after a skins score, walker brings in the kick off. cuts left. finds the seam. turns on the jets. 98 yards later, it is super bowl history. miami leads 17-10 at the half. >> we moved the ball, we had 12 first downs. we are the best defense in the league. everything that happened happened in their favor. everybody here, we have been down by 11 points. this was no big panic situation.
5:51 pm
>> the second half and momentum reversed. hands to riggins who hands to gar rhett. sails 44 yards. it sets up a field goal. skins trail, 17-13 before the play that defined a franchise. fourth and one at the miami 43. riggins met at the line of scrimmage. he pulls away and into the history books. 43 of his 166 yards, his fourth consecutive 100 yard playoff game and 20-17 skins lead. >> satisfaction hasn't come. a hand out to him. it's when the satisfaction will hit. there's no question. >> i think it's fair, riggins is it. i thought he was unbelievable. what else can you say about a
5:52 pm
game like that? it's basic and simple. >> reporter: the icing on the cake, a six-yard touchdown from charlie brown. the skins are super bowl champs, 27-17. >> sometime later on this evening, i will break down and cry like a baby. right now, i'm on an emotional peak. it's like it isn't over. it goes better and better and better. it's the greatest feeling i have ever had. >> reporter: the parade that followed delighted d.c. joe gibbs dedicated the win to the faithful. >> there's no other fans like our fans. each one of you has a small piece of this trophy today. >>. [ cheers and applause ] that gives me chills. i don't know what's better, the parade, the run or the jacket and hair. >> they are all good, aren't they?
5:53 pm
>> the hair-dos are interesting. it's great seeing that stuff. >> good times. we need that these days. >> we have a preview of what's coming up at 6:00. >> coming up, a police officer responding to a call ends up clipping a car and plowing into somebody's home. find out how it unfolded. plus, an arrest after local girl scouts were robbed of their girl scout cookie money. and a long commute may not be a bad thing after all. researchers say it could improve your happiness and your health. go figure. those stories and more coming up. >> you are so happy when you get out of your car. >> maybe that's what it is. >> more details to come. >> can't wait for that one. coming up next, the first >[ male announcer ] want tost achieve more with your money?
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fema will help with repairs following the 5.8 magnitude earthquake. the high school sustained the most damage and are currently closed. as part of the disaster release, they will help the state and local governments recover costs. crews return to the washington monument to fill holes left by the august earthquake. >> this is going to reduce the
5:57 pm
amount of water getting into the historic landmark when it rains. >> we have more on the story. >> reporter: for this 6-year-old, this is about as cool as it gets. >> i started waving. i'm like oh my gosh, i wouldn't go up there. i'm afraid of hagts in my head. >> reporter: could the engineers once again back out again setting up equipment and rigging for next week's work. they will slowly slide down the monument using a sealant. the work will help prop the monument for winter and reduce the amount of rainwater leaking inside. >> the expanding and freezing by water can cause damage. the water is coming in, leaking into the iron staircases and
5:58 pm
causing damage there, too. >> reporter: part of the project will cost $240,000. it's scheduled to start monday and will take almost a week to complete. after winter rolls through, they can look at what permanent repairs can be made and determine how long the repairs might make. >> do everything we can to sustain the monuments we have. it's our culture. >> reporter: his 9-year-old sister is bummed the repairs didn't start sooner. she was hoping this trip to washington would take her to the top of the monument. >> if i was up there, i would say you can go faster. i would just tell them to keep going faster and faster. >> reporter: because you want to go up there? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: within the next few weeks, they may have a better idea of what type of permanent repairs are needed here. >> that is it for news 4 at 5:00. thanks for joining us. stay there, new 4s at 6:00
5:59 pm
starts right now. we're following three big stories tonight. the fallout at penn state university. joe paterno fired over night. the university president is out, too. the outrage on campus is not letting up. rising star on the washington nationals team kidnapped in his own town in venezuela. new details about the attack and investigation. >> commerce, education and what's the third one there. let's see. >> it's a mistake heard around the political world. rick perry is in damage control mode. >> good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. a shake up at one of the country's top college football programs. joe paterno and graham


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